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Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie March 28th, 2017

Backpack vs Suitcase….

In Egypt | Travel Tips

If you have an opinion on this it will usually be a strong one. People who travel with backpacks see it as a badge of honour, a way of earning the travel experience you are about to have.

Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie March 14th, 2017

8 products for less stressful travelling

In Egypt | Travel Tips

The most experienced travel gurus know that the key to smart travelling is efficiency. Packing lightweight, compact items that help you navigate your travel experience is best.

Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie March 14th, 2017

Brief history of Baalbek, Lebanon

In Egypt | Destination Guides

The town of Baalbek is located in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, approximately 85km northeast of Beirut and 75km north of Damascus (Syria). Nowadays the town is famous for its exquisitely detailed Roman ruins which attract thousands of tourists to the country each year and also plays host to the annual Baalbek festival.

Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie May 11th, 2022

5 Best excursions to do in Hurghada

In Egypt | Travel Inspiration

Are you staying in Hurghada and looking for things to do? Check out our selection of excursions, day trips and small group & private tours in Hurghada. Here you can enjoy a unique and personalized experience while exploring some of Egypt's most famous sites. Hurghada is an active town located on Egypt’s Red Sea Coast for anyone searching for an on the go adventure or just some well deserved rest and relaxation. It is also Egypt’s oldest resort. While it was once a small fishing village it has grown to be quite the tourist attraction for many to enjoy.