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Author: Martin Hosie

Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie June 10th, 2024

Discover Gebel Barkal: The Unseen Beauty of Napatans in Sudan

Nestled on the right bank of the Nile, this historical treasure is located about 400 km North of Khartoum, Sudan's capital. It was once the religious hub of the Napatan Kingdom, dating back to the 8th century BC.

The place radiates a special reverence, as the kings and queens of old believed that Jebel Barkal had been strongly associated with God Amun, the Egyptian deity. They called Napata the sacred mountain, and it became the spiritual nucleus for the Nubian and Egyptian people.

The magical components of this place don't end here. In recognition of its captivating past, UNESCO inscribed Gebel Barkal and the sites of the Napatan region on the World Heritage list in 2003. It is now one of the revered world heritage sites that narrate tales of the bygone eras as much through their archaeological remnants as through their silent, age-old spirit.

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Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie May 15th, 2024

Uncover Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt: Your Ultimate Guide to Holiday Bliss

Ever craved a getaway where crystal-clear turquoise waters lap against sizzling sands, vibrant marine life thrives just offshore, and world-class relaxation awaits? Then pack your swimsuit, grab your sunscreen, and get ready to be whisked away to the incredible Sharm El Sheikh!

Nestled in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, Sharm El Sheikh is the crown jewel of the Red Sea Riviera. Renowned for its electrifying nightlife, pristine beaches, and luxurious resorts, it's no surprise this city shines as a top global tourist destination.

So, are you ready to explore the magic of Sharm El Sheikh? Let's delve into this vibrant Red Sea paradise's secrets and discover everything you need to know for an unforgettable adventure!

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Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie May 15th, 2024

An Unforgettable Journey to the Lady of Lebanon

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the heart of Lebanon? Imagine yourself standing in the breathtaking Harissa, gazing up at the iconic statue of Our Lady of Lebanon. This journey goes beyond the stunning architecture—it's a chance to connect with the deep devotion that fills the air. With every step you take, you'll feel a stronger connection to the rich culture and spiritual essence that the Lady of Lebanon embodies.

This isn't just a beautiful building; it's a beacon of hope. The shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon is a stronghold of the Maronite Catholic Church and a revered national treasure that inspires incredible dedication among the Lebanese people.

Let's delve into the history and significance of the shrine to understand the profound faith it represents.

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Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie May 15th, 2024

Discover the Hidden Gem of the Middle East: Diving into Jezzine Lebanon and Beyond

Nestled amidst Lebanon's breathtaking mountains lies Jezzine, a town where cascading waterfalls, sprawling pine forests, and serene landscapes paint a picture of pure enchantment. 

Jezzine boasts the country's largest waterfall, a majestic 40-meter cascade that tumbles into a refreshing pool below. Beyond this cascading wonder, Lebanon's largest forest, the Bkassine Forest, stretches out like a verdant carpet, promising adventure for nature enthusiasts.

But Jezzine is more than just scenery. History whispers from Ottoman-era architecture, and local culture thrives. Get ready to delve into the heart of Jezzine and discover its hidden treasures, from traditional crafts to mouthwatering cuisine.

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Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie May 15th, 2024

Discover Sidon: Your Ultimate Travel Guide to Saida, Lebanon

Sidon, also known as Saida, is a mesmerizing coastal city that glitters like a jewel on the waves of the Mediterranean. Lebanon's third-largest city, Sidon, boasts a rich history stretching over 6,000 years. This former Phoenician metropolis offers a captivating blend of culture, historical significance, and stunning scenic beauty.

Located south of Beirut, this ancient Phoenician city prospered due to its proximity to the sea. Sidon became a centre for glass manufacturing and the famed production of purple dye. Its strategic location further enhanced its importance as a key Mediterranean terminus for the Trans-Arabian Pipeline, which linked major cities and towns across Lebanon.

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Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie May 15th, 2024

Journey to the Crown Jewel: Jebel Marra and the Marrah Mountains

Jebel Marra, a dormant volcano, is the highest point in Sudan, reaching a staggering 3,042 meters above sea level. Located in the heart of Darfur, this massif stretches roughly 160 km in radius, presenting a dramatic display of nature's power.

The surrounding Marrah Mountains, known for their diverse volcanic peaks, create a unique geological landscape. These rugged mountains dominate the region and play a crucial role in its geology.

The fertile volcanic soils support a variety of vegetation, while seasonal streams, fed by melting winter snows, carve through the sandstone valleys, adding to the region's distinctive character.

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Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie May 13th, 2024

Explore Baatara Gorge Waterfall: Lebanon's Must-Know Formation Secrets

The Baatara Gorge Waterfall, known locally as the 'Cave of the Three Natural Bridges', is one of Lebanon's most awe-inspiring natural wonders. Its unique formation will pique the curiosity of casual sightseers and seasoned geologists.

The formation of the Baatara Gorge Waterfall is a remarkable testament to the power of nature and the relentless march of time. As the roar of the waterfall fills your ears and the sight of the cascading water mesmerizes you, remember that this spectacle results from millions of years of erosion.

This exquisite waterfall drops a staggering 255 feet into the gaping maw of a limestone cavern in three successive leaps, forming the triple sinkhole. The cavern, endearingly known as the Balaa, has been molded over the years by the relentless work of winter meltwater. Built up stratum by stratum, the cavern is an impressive testament to nature's ability to construct and deconstruct.

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Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie April 15th, 2024

Guide to Beirut - Pigeon Rocks: A Must-See Attraction

Pigeon Rocks, also known as the Rock of Raouche, are one of Lebanon's most distinctive rock formations. They serve as a natural offshore museum offering a historical journey that dates back hundreds of years. These limestone formations were not originally separate but eroded over time by weather and seawater, developing into the unique appearance today known as Pigeon Rocks in Raouche.

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Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie April 11th, 2024

Top 10 Best Things to Do in Egypt: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs, is steeped in ancient history and awe-inspiring beauty. A land where the tranquil River Nile and stunning desert scenery form a backdrop to mystical pyramids, majestic temples, and vibrant souks. This magical place is where antiquity and modernity collide, making it an irresistible destination for any traveler. Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria are cities that stand testament to this rich tapestry of time.

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Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie April 9th, 2024

Top Attractions: The Best Things To Do in Jordan - A Travel Guide

Welcome to Jordan, a land of mesmerizing beauty and contrast right in the heart of the Middle East. Filled with awe-inspiring attractions and rich history, Jordan gives a peek into the ancient world's architectural magnificence and cultural depth.

Jordan has something in store whether you're an adventure seeker or a history buff. It's about time you discover Jordan, its enchanting places, and welcoming inhabitants.

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