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We are passionate about our tours and our customers and are always looking for ways to help more people enjoy our products and services. We offer various ways that individuals, websites and companies who are equally obsessive about customer satisfaction, can work with us to earn commissions and customer loyalty on our tour sales. Please find some initial notes and ideas below. If you have other ideas for how you would like to work with us, then please contact us, and we'll be happy to discuss them with you.

We are always interested in linking to website with interesting and relevant content for our clients. If you feel that your website can offer this, please feel free to contact us with a link to your website.

If you are interested in linking your website to Egypt Uncovered, please use the code that you will find on our link exchange page.

Tracked Links

You can earn commission from us through our affiliate programme. We will provide a full set of tracking urls for all the pages on our website(s), so you can deep link directly to our tour pages, or other pages, as best suits your own site. Our tracking system is powered by TourCMS, using a 365-day cookie, and we can provide regular statistical reports if required, together with generous commission levels. We are able to track all incoming links and are happy to pay commissions on successful sales. Please contact us for rates and to discuss how we can best work with you.


Widgets are a fantastic, user friendly way to display our holidays on your website. We are able to track all incoming links from our widgets and are happy to pay commissions on successful sales. They are fully customisable and easy to implement - you just need to add one line of code to your own web page.

You will also need to sign up to the TourCMS Marketplace, which is easy to do and absolutely free, we'll even do it for you if you like. Once you've signed up you can log in and create your own widgets using the "Widget Wizard", track your click-throughs, and check how many bookings you've generated. Once the widgets are live on your site, you don't need to do anything else, as whenever we update content, dates, prices etc, it automatically updates your widget too. Please feel free to contact us to discuss commission rates and with any questions concerning our widgets.

Check out some examples of TourCMS widgets.

Marketplace API (Live XML)

For larger companies or for anyone with their own in house developers, we can provide you with the Marketplace API. It's free, and only requires setting up an account in the TourCMS Marketplace. This API allows a much greater control when integrating our tours into your website. You can completely customise the design to match your own website, include tour searches based on numerous factors (country, geo-location, accommodation level etc.), integrate our booking engine into your site (that way customers can book directly from your website), and much more. Best of all you don't need to worry about keeping it all updated. In your TourCMS Marketplace account you can track click-throughs and bookings and easily see how much you are making. If you are interested in using the Marketplace API, just contact us and we will be more than happy to talk you through it and answer any of your questions. If you would like a more detailed overview on how the TourCMS Marketplace works and how to integrate using the API, you can find full documentation through the links below:

TourCMS Marketplace for affiliates & travel agents
TourCMS Marketplace API

We are very interested in recruiting travel agents to sell our tours, and we recognise and appreciate the support that good agencies and knowledgeable sales staff can provide us. Whether you represent an Independent, Miniple or Multiple, we welcome enquiries from interested parties. We feel that travel agents remain an important asset for all forward-thinking tour operators, including those with a primarily online presence like ourselves. We offer good commission rates for both online and high street agents, which vary depending how you wish to work with. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and how best we can work with you.

  • Airport transfers included
  • Encounters with local cultures and like-minded travellers
  • No local payment as part of tour price
  • Tours designed by experts
  • Itineraries that don’t cut corners or costs at your expense
  • Clear info provided on entrance fees & local costs
  • The best industry renowned guides
  • Every booking contributes to local projects
  • Great value for money!