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Optional extras

Listed below is a selection of optional extras that can be added to your tour. Just select which options you want to add to your booking when you reserve your tour, or alternatively just let us know and we'll add them to your booking. Further options are also available when you get to Egypt (such as Sound & Light shows, dinner cruises, scuba-diving courses).

  • Bethany & Ajloun Castle - UK£0

This tour takes in two important sites with very different but linked history. Your first stop is in the Jordan Valley, at a relatively recently excavated site believed to be the biblical ‘Bethany-beyond-the-Jordan’ where John baptised Jesus Christ. Several churches, caves and pools dating from Roman and Byzantine periods have been discovered here. Both Pope John Paul II, and Pope Benedict XVI have visited here. An electric minibus takes you from the visitor centre to your choice of one of three sites: Tell Mar Elias, the Baptism Pools and/or John the Baptist's Church. You can also walk between these, but the distances are quite long and the low lying land in the valley can lead to stifling temperatures Ajloun castle is an hour or so’s drive away, which involves a long climb up from below sea level up to Jordan’s highest point (around 1240m). The scenery in the region is beautiful with forested hills and olive groves. You can stop for a short walk in the Ajloun Forest Reserve if you wish. The castle itself is now partly ruined but is still huge and a very good example of an Arab/Islamic military fortress. It was built in AD 1184-1185 to control entry into the Jordan Valley, protect against Crusader attacks from nearby Kerak and Bisan, and to control nearby iron mines. There are many rooms, narrow passages and staircases to explore, and you can enjoy magnificent views over the Jordan Valley.

Note: You will need to add an extra night to your booking in order to book this option.

  • Child Discount (Aged 12-13) - UK£0

This discount can be applied to any children in your family who are aged 12 or 13 on the date of travel. Please contact us if you have any questions about rooming arrangements for your family.

  • Child Discount (Under 12) - UK£0

This discount can be applied to any children in your family who are aged under 12 on the date of travel. A single child may share a room with their parents using an extra bed (this may be a camp bed or extra mattress rather than a full bed). If you have two children then separate rooms may be used. Connecting rooms will be requested but cannot be guaranteed and you will need to decide how to split your family up between the rooms. Please contact us if you have any questions about rooming arrangements for your family.

  • Extra Night in Amman pre-tour - 3-star - UK£0

This option adds an extra night to the start of your tour, staying in the same hotel as the main tour itself (subject to availability at the time of booking). Your airport arrival transfer is still included.

  • Single Room Supplement - UK£0

This supplement should be added if you have any single adults (12yrs plus) in your party who require a single room throughout the tour. If your family has just one child under 12, then an extra bed or mattress will be provided in the same room as the parents. If your family has three children, you can choose whether the third child shares a room with the parents or with the other children. We will request connecting or adjacent rooms for children wherever possible. These are subject to availability and allocated on check-in and unfortunately cannot be guaranteed in advance. Please contact us if you have any questions about rooming arrangements for your family.

  • Extra Night in Amman post-tour - 3-star - UK£0

This option adds an extra night in Amman to the end of your tour, staying in a 3-star hotel. Your departure airport transfer is included. If you would like to add more than one extra night, please make a note when you make your reservation and we will add them to your booking.

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"Great equipment, Great lifestyle, and lots of unbelievable discoveries, so will most definitely reccomend to friends. Thanks so much for providing me with a trip of a lifetime and 2 fantastic guides."

Mr. Brendon Marsden (Istanbul to Cairo - overland expedition)

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