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For those with a keen interest in Egyptian History, our Egypt Revisited tour is an ideal option for a return visit to the country. We head off the main tourist trail to visit some of the less seen ancient sites which should help you develop an understanding of how Egyptian architecture developed over the centuries.

The Great Pyramids of Giza, CairoYour adventure begins in Cairo where we visit the Pyramids and Temples around Saqqara and Dahshur before touring the remains of the once mighty capital of Memphis. We then head out of Cairo towards the Western Deserts where our first stop will be the UNESCO World Heritage site of Wadi Hitan – The Valley of the Whales. This unique site is thought to be one of the best examples of Whale evolution and you will see the ancient fossils scattered across the desert floor. Later in the evening we have a tour of the nearby Fayoum Oasis, where we will spend the night in a hotel close to the shores of Lake Qarun.

The impressive Temples of Abu SimbelAs our journey leads us back towards the Nile Valley, to the city of Minya, we make stops to view the less visited Hawara, Lahun and Meidum pyramids and after checking into your hotel, we have an afternoon tour to the Frazer Tombs and Tihna el-Jebel. Before following the Nile further south to Assyut, we have a few final tours close to Minya, in the morning we visit Beni Hassan, Hermopolis and Tuna al-Gabel, followed by an afternoon visit to Akhenaten and Nefertiti’s fabled capital of Tel Amarna, whilst en-route to Assyut.


Continuing south, along the Nile our destination today is ancient Thebes – modern day Luxor. Along the way we will make stops at Akhmim – where we see the ancient statues of Meryut Amun and Ramses II, Abydos – which was once the centre for Feluccas on the Nile, Aswanthe Cult of Osiris, here we see the Temple of Seti I. Our final stop before Luxor is Dendera, where we see the remains of the Greco-Roman Temple of Hathor. The evening is spent in Luxor where you have free time to relax along the banks of the Nile. The following 2 days are spent in Luxor. On our first day we have an ‘alternative’ West Bank Tour which includes tours of the less visited Temples of Ramses II (Ramesseum), Merneptah and Seti I along with the Tombs of the Nobles and Deir el-Medina, the Workers Village. Our second day in Luxor visits the Luxor Museum, which houses an excellent collection of artefacts and funerary goods and later in the afternoon we visit the Mummification Museum. In the evening we board the overnight sleeper train for our journey back to Cairo.


After arriving back into Cairo you have a final day of tours to the Nile Delta settlements of Tanis and Avaris before spending a final night in the land of the Pharaohs.

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"Thank you for a fantastic holiday, the staff, diving school, guides helped make our trip really enjoyable and run smoothly. It was well organized and we can't wait to get back to Dahab and do some more diving!"

Ms. L. Smith (Diving in the Red Sea)

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