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Egypt general knowledge quiz - medium

1) What is Ramadan?
a) A Muslim festival
b) An Egyptian dish
c) The interior of a Pyramid
d) Another name for Cairo

2) Which religion are most Egyptians?
a) Christian
b) Muslim
c) Hindu
d) Jewish

3) How many Pyramids are there in Giza?
a) 6
b) 4
c) 2
d) 1

4) What is the name of the ancient God of the Sun?
a) Seth
b) Osiris
c) Ra
d) Bast

5) Who was the boy King?
a) Seti
b) Tuthmosis
c) Ramses
d) Tutankhamun

6) Which person discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb?
a) Hiram Bingham
b) Howard Carter
c) Peter Stuyvesant
d) Johan Ludwig Burckhardt

7) What was the name of Cleopatra’s consort after Julius Caesar?
a) Mark Anthony
b) John Anthony
c) David Anthony
d) Luke Anthony

8) What ancient wonder used to be where the Citadel in Alexandria now is?
a) The Statue of Zeus
b) The Hanging Gardens
c) The Colossus
d) The Lighthouse

9) What is the name of the famous tablet (discovered in 1799) that depicted inscriptions in both Greek and Egyptian hieroglyphics?
a) The Stone of Horus
b) The Luxor Stone
c) The Rosetta Stone
d) The Stone of Ptah

10) Who took control of Egypt after the French and is widely credited with modernising Egypt?
a) Ali Baba
b) Mohammed Ali
c) Mohammed Mubarak
d) Harun al-Rashid

11) Who was the British General in charge during the Battle of El-Alamein?
a) Montgomery
b) Allenby
c) Gordon
d) Kitchener

12) What is the name of Ancient Egyptian paper?
a) Tark
b) Papyrus
c) Flax
d) Sonarus

13) Which bank does the ‘City of the Dead’ lie on in Luxor?
a) The North Bank
b) The West Bank
c) The South Bank
d) The East Bank

14) The only ancient Queen to have ruled Egypt has a temple on the West Bank. What is her name?
a) Ankhesenamun
b) Nefertiti
c) Nefertari
d) Hatshepsut

15) Which Indian Jones film used Karnak Temple as a backdrop?
a) Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark .
b) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
c) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
d) Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

16) In which part of Egypt is Nubia?
a) North
b) South
c) West
d) East

17) Which goddess is the Philae Temple dedicated to?
a) Bast
b) Ptah
c) Isis
d) Hathor

18) Which saint’s body is believed to be buried on Mount Sinai?
a) Joan
b) Catherine
c) Winifred
d) Anne

19) Which denomination of Christianity is practiced in Egypt?
a) Coptic
b) Catholic
c) Protestant
d) Lutheran

20) In which oasis was the Temple of the Oracle, that Alexander the Great once famously visited?
a) Baharya
b) Farafra
c) Fayoum
d) Siwa

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