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Egypt general knowledge quiz - hard

1) During the New Kingdom, which Pharaoh moved his capital from Thebes and started a new religion to the sun god?
a) Seti II 
b) Tuthmosis
c) Akhenaten
d) Ramses III

2) What is the name of the long black robe worn by Muslim women?
a) Chador
b) Djellaba
c) Kaftan
d) Baboosh

3) What is the name of the 3 day celebration that marks the end of Ramadan?
a) Eid al-Fitr
b) Milad un Nabi
c) Eid ul Adha
d) Neyrouz feast

4) Which Pharaoh built the Bent Pyramid in Dahshur?
a) Khufu
b) Khafre
c) Menkaure
d) Sneferu

5) Which of the following statues can be found in the inner sanctuary of the Temple of Ramses II in Abu Simbel?
a) Hathor
b) Ptah
c) Nefertari
d) Osiris

6) Who built the famous Pharos (lighthouse) at Alexandria?
a) Ptolemy I
b) Alexander the Great
c) Cleopatra VII
d) Ptolemy II

7) How many tombs are there in the Valley of the Kings?
a) 62
b) 39
c) 54
d) 46

8) Who built Petra in Jordan?
a) The Seleucids
b) The Nabateans
c) The Romans
d) The Greeks

9) Where in Egypt can you see the fossilised remains of whales?
a) Wadi Halfa
b) Wadi Hitan
c) Wadi Natrun
d) Wadi Gemal

10) Which Egyptian holiday falls on the 1st of May every year?
a) National Day
b) Sinai Liberation Day
c) Labour Day
d) Revolution Day

11) How many columns are there in the Hypostyle Hall in the temple of Karnak in Luxor?
a) 139
b) 131
c) 134
d) 130

12) In which year did the Thistlegorm diving wreck in Dahab sink?
a) 1942
b) 1939
c) 1945
d) 1941

13) What is the name of the orphanage in Cairo sponsored by Egypt Uncovered?
a) Beit El Sehimy
b) Al Azhar
c) Al Nabawiya
d) Dar al Rahman

14) If you offer someone baksheesh, what would you be offering them?
a) Mint flavoured tea
b) A tip or bribe
c) A blessing
d) A chickpea snack

15) Wadi Rum in associated with which famous Englishman?
a) T. E. Lawrence
b) Charles Gordon
c) Bernard Montgomery
d) Herbert Kitchener

16) Approximately how high are the Colossi of Memnon?
a) 25 feet
b) 50 feet
c) 75 feet
d) 100 feet

17) Which large docile shark can sometimes been seen swimming in the Red Sea at Dahab?
a) White shark
b) Tiger shark
c) Whale shark
d) Blue shark

18) How does the coloured canyon get its name?
a) Coloured sand
b) Coloured rock art
c) Coloured vegetation
d) Coloured rock

19) The Suez Canal links which two bodies of water?
a) The Dead Sea and The Red Sea
b) The Red Sea and The Atlantic
c) The Mediterranean and The Dead Sea
d) The Mediterranean and The Red Sea

20) In which year did Egypt become a republic?
a) 1953
b) 1955
c) 1957
d) 1959

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