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Egypt general knowledge quiz - easy

1) In which city are the Pyramids?
a) Aswan
b) Luxor
c) Alexandria
d) Cairo

2) What is the main language spoken in Egypt?
a) African
b) American
c) Arabic
d) Australian

3) What were the ancient rulers of Egypt called?
a) Tsars
b) Pharaohs
c) Emperors
d) Chieftains

4) Which river flows through Egypt?
a) Seine
b) Nile
c) Rhine
d) Amazon

5) What is the writing used by the ancient Egyptians called?
a) Heiroglyphics
b) Pyroglyphics
c) Neolithics
d) Monolithics

6) Which famous Egyptian animal can go for 14 days without a drink?
a) Donkey
b) Camel
c) Horse
d) Dog

7) Where would you find the golden mask of Tutankhamun?
a) Nubian Museum
b) Luxor Museum
c) Cairo Museum
d) Alexandria Museum

8) What are the preserved bodies found inside Egyptian tombs called?
a) Auntys
b) Mummys
c) Daddys
d) Sisters

9) What is a felucca?
a) Horse & Carriage
b) Sailboat
c) Balloon
d) Train

10) How many family tours does Egypt Uncovered offer?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

11) What is the paper that the Egyptians used to write on called?
a) Parchment
b) Plain
c) Scrolls
d) Papyrus

12) Which two towns do the Nile cruise boats sail between?
a) Cairo & Luxor
b) Alexandria & Cairo
c) Aswan & Cairo
d) Luxor & Aswan

13) In which two seas can you swim when in Egypt?
a) Red & Mediterranean
b) Dead & Red
c) Dead & Mediterranean
d) Red & Black

14) Where would you find the tombs of the New Kingdom Pharaohs?
a) Valley of the Kings
b) Coptic Cairo
c) Siwa Oasis
d) Sharm el-Sheikh

15) What two temples are visited on the East Bank tour in Luxor?
a) Karnak & Philae
b) Luxor & Philae
c) Karnak & Luxor
d) Luxor & Komombo

16) What is the name of the mountain where it is said that God gave Moses the Ten Commandments?
a) Kilimanjaro
b) Everest
c) Snowdon
d) Sinai

17) What is the capital of Jordan?
a) Amman
b) Cairo
c) Aswan
d) Aqaba

18) What is the name of the lake just outside Aswan?
a) Lake Windermere
b) Lake Superior
c) Lake Nasser
d) Lake Taupo

19) What is an oasis?
a) An opening in the forest
b) A fertile part of the desert
c) An area of land sticking out of the sea
d) A floating piece of ice

20) Which of the following eight wonders of the ancient world was in Egypt?
a) The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
b) The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
c) The Colossus of Rhodes
d) The Lighthouse of Alexandria

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