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Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie March 28th, 2017

Taking your Family to Egypt

In Lebanon | Travel Inspiration , Travel Encounters , Private & Tailor-made

When I tell people we are taking the kids to Egypt, I get two responses: The first is sudden, like a knee jerk reaction: “Have you seen the news lately?! Is Egypt even safe to visit?”

Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie March 22nd, 2017

Guide to Ramadan

In Lebanon | Travel Tips

Every year, some of our tours will take place during Ramadan, when adherents of the Muslim faith fast during daylight hours.

Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie June 23rd, 2023

Authentic Lebanese Food in Byblos: A Feast for the Senses

In Lebanon | Travel Cuisine

Welcome to a gastronomic journey through Byblos in Lebanon, an ancient city steeped in history and culture, where the old meets the new, creating a unique blend of flavours and experiences. In this guide to the best Lebanese restaurants in Byblos, we will embark on a culinary adventure, scouring the city's winding streets and charming passageways to discover authentic cuisine that tantalizes the taste buds and leaves an everlasting impression on all who are fortunate to dine within its walls.

Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie July 31st, 2023

Temples of Baalbek: A UNESCO World Heritage Site in Lebanon

In Lebanon | Destination Guides

Explore the beautiful Temples of Baalbek, a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site in Lebanon, showcasing this ancient wonder's awe-inspiring beauty and rich history.

Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie August 12th, 2023

A Guide to the Best Clubs and Bars in Beirut, Lebanon

In Lebanon | Destination Guides

Experience the electrifying Beirut nightlife! Uncover Lebanon's finest clubs and nightclubs that redefine breathtaking nocturnal adventures. Dive into the thrills!

Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie September 22nd, 2023

Explore Zahle (Zahlé): Uncover the Charm of Bekaa Valley in Lebanon

In Lebanon | Destination Guides

Zahlé, often called "the bride of the Bekaa," is the third-largest city in Lebanon and a thriving hub of culture and heritage. Nestled between mountains and vineyards, it boasts a picturesque setting that inspires you.

Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie October 15th, 2023

Epic Things to Do in Lebanon 2023: Best Attractions and Places to Visit 

In Lebanon | Destination Guides

If you're looking for a destination filled with rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes, look no further than Lebanon! The year 2023 promises to be an exciting time to visit this beautiful country, with many epic things to do and see. From ancient ruins to pristine beaches, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Lebanon.

Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie October 12th, 2023

Discover the Top Free Beaches in Lebanon for Your 2023 Vacation!

In Lebanon | Destination Guides

So, you're planning a beach vacation for 2023 and looking for the perfect destination? Look no further than Lebanon! With its stunning coastline, crystal-clear waters, and picturesque beaches, Lebanon offers a delightful beach getaway that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. In this article, we'll explore why Lebanon should be at the top of your list and provide some tips to help you plan your vacation.

Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie October 12th, 2023

Feast on the Best Lebanese Food: Traditional Recipes & Dishes

In Lebanon | Travel Cuisine

Are you a food enthusiast looking to explore new tastes and flavours? Look no further than Lebanese cuisine! Known for its rich history and unique ingredients, Lebanese food offers a culinary experience.

Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie November 11th, 2023

Top Hotels & Ski Resorts in Faraya, Lebanon - Ultimate Travel Guide

In Lebanon | Travel Tips

If you are an adventurous traveller or a ski enthusiast, look no further than Faraya, Mount Lebanon, a municipality in the Keserwan District. This charming destination is renowned for its breathtaking ski resorts and mesmerizing landscapes. Get ready for an unforgettable experience in the heart of the snow-covered mountains.

Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie December 17th, 2023

Exploring Batroun, Lebanon: A Comprehensive Travel Guide 

In Lebanon | Destination Guides

Have you ever dreamt of exploring one of the oldest cities in the world - Batroun, Lebanon? Take a trip off the beaten path to journey into the heart of Batroun, one of Lebanon's best-kept secrets. Situated north of Beirut, this coastal city in Northern Lebanon has much to offer with its vibrant beach resorts, sumptuous Lebanese cuisine, and rich winemaking traditions.

Martin Hosie By: Martin Hosie January 2nd, 2024

Exploring Jeita Grotto, A Mesmerizing New7Wonders of Nature Finalist in Lebanon

In Lebanon | Destination Guides

The Jeita Grotto, nestled in the heart of Lebanon north of Beirut, captivates visitors with its mesmerizing formations and profound beauty. This karstic limestone cave offers a glimpse into the wonders of nature, showcasing magnificent stalactites and stalagmites. While the accessible walkway spans approximately 2 kilometres, the cave system is estimated to be 9 kilometres long, hinting at the vastness of its hidden chambers.