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Tourists to Jordan generally visit several places within the country during their tour, and stay in a variety of hotels, from modern style hotels in the capital Amman to more resort-style properties by the Red Sea and Dead Sea. Most hotels in Jordan are built in a fairly modern style, with few 'heritage' or 'boutique' options, particularly when compared to Syria to the north. However, there are some fascinating places, full of character, such as the Taybet Zaman hotel in Petra, and the Feynan Eco Lodge in the Dana Nature Reserve.

Choosing hotels

If you are travelling on one of our small-group tours, or you have booked one of our set tour itineraries to do privately, then we will let you know the hotels to be used on your tour a couple of weeks before departure. If you have specific requirements for hotels to be used for your holiday, then subject to availability we can always book them, but we will arrange and price the tour as a tailor-made itinerary.

Star ratings

The star ratings given on this website are the official ratings the hotels have received from the local tourism authorities. Within each town, city or area however, the standard of hotels within each star rating varies considerably. At the top end of each level, the star ratings are comparable internationally, but overall you should be prepared for standards to be a little lower than you may expect from the star rating given.

Comfort ratings

All of our tours have been assigned different 'comfort ratings' to give you an idea of the level of accommodation used. More information about comfort ratings...

Basic comfort ratingTours that are assigned this comfort rating in Jordan will use several 2 or 3-star hotels or lodges and possibly enjoy one or more nights camping out in the desert. We would normally include at least one one higher level hotel at around the 4-star level.

Standard comfort ratingIn Jordan these tours generally use 3 and 4-star hotels, though one or more nights may also be spent in more basic accommodation or a desert camp.

Luxury comfort ratingThese tours feature stays in on some of the very best 5-star hotels available in Jordan. The level of accommodation may vary through the tour as the hotel standards available are not the same throguhout the country.

Area variations

The level, and number of hotels available varies in different parts of the country. Some notes on our most visited areas are given below:

Amman - As Jordan's capital, Amman boats the biggers variety and range of hotels in the country, with good options available at all levels. Most hotels are located a taxi ride away from the main city centre, but we try to choose options that do have shops and restaurants within easy walking distance.

Aqaba - As Jordan's only resort town on the Red Sea, Aqaba has a good range of beach hotels with some excellent 5-star options with private beaches and beautiful grounds.

Dead Sea - The few hotels located right by the Dead Sea are at around the 4 and 5-star level and make the most of their location, generally featuring extensive spa and treatment options as well as direct access to the Dead Sea itself. They are located around 1 hour's drive from Amman airport, so are a good option to use at the end of a tour.

Petra- For good reason, Petra is the busiest tourist attraction in Jordan. Most people visiting want to stay 1, 2 or 3 nights, with the result that there is a constant turnaround of tourists. There are unfortunately simply not enough hotels, particularly at the higher level to satisfy the demand, and if you book late or during peak season, rooms in the better hotels can be very hard to secure. Because of this demand, we need to release any unused allocations several months before arrival (much longer than most other places), and as a result occasionally we may use 2 separate hotels on our group tours. At the 5-star level, the Movenpick is very good and is located right next to the site entrance (so is correspondingly busy and in demand). The Marriott Petra is also good, but located out of town with great views over the valley. Two slightly less luxurious but more interesting options are the Taybet Zaman and Beit Zaman hotels which are built in a much more traditional style.

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