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Egypt classic journeys

The Pyramids & Sphinx, Gisa, Egypt
Above: The Pyramids & Sphinx, Gisa, Egypt

Egypt classic journeys

These Egyptian tours concentrate on exploring the country visiting fascinating and important ancient sites, learning about Egypt's Pharaonic history and present day culture, without featuring any strenous or really adventurous activites. Nile cruises and Dahabiya cruises are included, together with tours that combine time in Cairo and the Nile Valley with some relaxation by the Red Sea or a trip into Jordan. Varying levels of accommodation are offered to suit different budgets and preferences.

Note: Due to the low tourist numbers in Egypt at the moment, some of these tours may be unavailable (for example, not many Dahabiyas or Lake Nasser cruises are operating at the moment). More information...

Prices fromUK£1,699
Egypt | Cairo to Aswan Nile Cruise
Cruise boat on the Nile, Aswan, Egypt

Explore ‘All the Nile’ from the comfort of your Nile Cruise ship, sailing all the way from Cairo to Aswan. This fascinating journey passes through rural Egypt where you will see traditional Egyptian life, includes Egypt’s most famous ancient sites such as the Pyramids and Valley of the Kings, aswell as visiting almost forgotten sites such as Tel Amarna, Beni Hassan and Hermopolis.
**We can also offer this tour in reverse, sailing from Aswan to Cairo.

Prices fromUK£899
Egypt | Cairo, Luxor-Aswan Nile Cruise, Cairo
The Pyramids, Gisa, Egypt

This classic Cairo & Nile cruise itinerary starts with the pyramids and sphinx and a Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and then features a luxury 5 day/4 night Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan with one of our own Egyptologist guides, not joining the large boat groups. All the main highlights in the Nile Valley are covered, including an option to visit the spectacular temples at Abu Simbel.

Prices fromUK£2,199
Egypt & Jordan | Cairo, Luxor (Nile Cruise) Aswan, Jordan
The treasury, Petra, Jordan

This tour covers all the main sites in Egypt and Jordan. Following visits to the Pyramids, Sphinx and a city tour in Cairo, we enjoy a luxury cruise along the Nile from Luxor to Aswan. We then head back to Cairo and on to Jordan for a comprehensive tour taking in the Roman ruins at Jerash and mosaics at Madaba, the Red Sea at Aqaba, a jeep safari & Bedouin meal in Wadi Rum and of course the hidden city of Petra. We also travel up the scenic King's Highway stopping at the crusader castle at Kerak before finishing at the Dead Sea.

Prices fromUK£386
Egypt | Cairo, Luxor
Hieroglyphs in Luxor, Egypt

For those who are short of time this tour gives an excellent introduction to the many wonders of Egypt. From the stunning Pyramids at Gisa and the awe-inspiring temples of Luxor and Karnak to the sprawling bazaars and fascinating museums of Cairo this tour gives you the chance to experience Egypt at its best.

Prices fromUK£1,249
Egypt | Cairo, Luxor (Nile cruise) Aswan, Red Sea
Egyptian observing Artist Valley, Egypt

This deluxe 5-star tour gives you a comprehensive introduction to the main highlights Egypt has to offer while staying in some of Egypt's best hotels. We see the Pyramids, Sphinx and famous Egyptian Museum in Cairo, enjoy a luxury Nile Cruise between Luxor and Aswan, and finish the tour with time to relax and enjoy the Red Sea at a beach resort in Hurghada.

Prices fromUK£599
Egypt | Cairo, Luxor, Red Sea at Hurghada
Entrance to the Temple of Edfu, Egypt

This tour gives you an excellent opportunity to combine visits to the monumental treasures of the sites around Luxor with the beautiful mountain scenery and Red Sea coastline of the Sinai peninsular. Add to this the sprawling majesty of Cairo and the Pyramids, and you have the perfect introduction to Egypt, land of the Pharaohs.

Prices fromUK£1,239
Egypt | Cairo, Luxor (Dahabiya cruise) Aswan

An exciting journey along the Nile visiting Egypt's ancient monuments on board an exclusive Nile Dahabiya. This tour features the mighty Pyramids and Sphinx, Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple and much more!

Prices fromUK£999
Egypt | Off the beaten track sites of Ancient Egypt
The Meidum Pyramid

An ideal tour for those who have a keen interest in Egyptian history or perfect option for a second visit to Egypt. This tour stays away from the main tourist path, and visits many of the sites often missed on a classic Egyptian tour.

Prices fromUK£1,899
Egypt | Cairo, Luxor-Aswan Nile Cruise, Lake Nasser cruise, Cairo

This classic tour gives you the opportunity to visit the Pyramids, Sphinx and Egyptian museum in Cairo before transferring to Luxor for a 5-star deluxe cruise up the Nile to Aswan. While on the river you visit all the main sites before driving to Abu Simbel where you board a Lake Nasser cruise boat to visit the lesser known temples and tombs along the banks of Lake Nasser.

Prices fromUK£1,499
Egypt | Cairo, Luxor (Dahabiya cruise) Aswan
Dahabiya on the Nile, Egypt

This trip combines time in Cairo to see the pyramids, sphinx and Egyptian Museum, with a 7-night cruise on the Nile on board a classic Dahabiya. These elegant and stylish boats provide one of the most enjoyable ways to travel on the Nile in comfort, as you travel slower and see more than on the large cruise boats.

Prices fromUK£1,899
Jordan & Egypt | Cairo, Red Sea, Jordan
The Rose city of Petra, Jordan

This luxury tour features an introduction to Egyptian history at Saqqara and the Gisa Pyramids and Sphinx,and at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. We then head to Jordan for a comprehensive week's tour through the country taking in the Red and Dead Seas, a jeep safari in Wadi Rum, a full exploration of the hidden city of Petra and a drive up the scenic King's Highway. Other visits include the crusader castle at Kerak, the Roman ruins at Jerash and mosaics at Madaba, and a day trip to the 'Desert Castles' and a desert nature reserve.

Prices fromUK£749
Egypt | Cairo, Luxor, Red Sea
Statue in Luxor, Egypt

Giving you a taste of Egypt's main highlights in just one week, this tour starts with the main sites in Cairo before travelling to Luxor where you will explore the many fascinating temples and tombs of ancient Egypt. From Luxor, you head to the Red Sea at Hurghada where you can snorkel, scuba dive or just relax on the wonderful, sandy beaches. The tour ends with a transfer back to Cairo for one last night in this busy city.

Prices fromUK£999
Jordan & Egypt | Cairo tours plus a journey Jordan
Camel relaxing in Petra, Jordan

This trip starts by visiting the Pyramids, Sphinx and Egyptian Museum in Cairo, before heading to the Red Sea at Dahab for some snorkelling and a chance to climb Mt. Sinai. Crossing into Jordan we enjoy a jeep safari and overnight Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum before driving up the scenic King's Highway to explore Petra, Shobak Crusader Castle and Madaba, before at the Dead Sea.

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"The crew were tops! Very knowledgable and helpful in everything and being so down to earth! the layout of the truck alone puts all other overland trucks to shame. I had comments from people on the other tours and they all said they were very jealous of our truck. i have enjoyed my time immensely... would do it all over again!"

Ms. Adele Samuel (Istanbul to Cairo - overland expedition)

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